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Essential Oils

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  1. Herbal Essential Oil

    Our Herbal Essential Oils are extracted from flowering tops of the plant by the steam distillation method. These can be used for aromatherapy treatments by adding them in massage oil, steam inhalation, cosmetic products, medicines, soaps, etc. The mentioned oils should be used with utmost care as these are highly concentrated.
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  2. Pure Essential Oils

    We render Pure Essential Oils which is extracted either by distillation, solvent extraction, resin tapping, cold pressing, absolute oil extraction or steam technique. The mentioned oils are made without using any harmful or synthetic ingredients and therefore are widely used in soaps, perfumes, food items, medicines, cosmetics and many other products.
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  3. Ginger Oil

    The mentioned oil is extracted from dried and unpeeled roots by using the steam distillation process. Our offered Ginger oil is pale yellow in color and renders a spicy flavor, however, when cooked also offers sweet flavor and a peppery aroma. This oil helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle by preventing relief from muscle and joint pain.
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  4. Clove Oil

    Our offered Clove Oil is extracted from clove plant which is highly demanded by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. This is used in the mentioned industries in variety of products as it is helps in eliminating acne, improving blood circulation, reducing several gum related problems, killing molds, parasites, fungus. In addition, it also find usage in food industry and for aromatherapy treatments.
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  5. Lemon Oil

    We render Lemon Oil which is extracted with the help of steam distillation process. The mentioned oil has a variety of natural properties such as astringent, anti bacterial, antiseptic and many more. Because of these properties, it is used in several products for simulating senses and treating numerous skin problems.
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  6. Lime Essential Oil

    We offer Lime Oil (Cold Pressed) which is extracted with the help of fruit peel by using the cold pressing process. It has a refreshing, sweet and invigorating aroma and is often in variety of skincare products such as astringent, face wash, etc. used for treating acne and oily skin. It is also used as a decongestant in many aromatherapy treatments and for reducing the cellulite.
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  7. Nutmeg Essential Oil

    Nutmeg Oil is an essential oil derived from nutmeg which is quite volatile in nature and has a light yellow or colorless appearance and renders flavor of nutmeg. This oil is highly demanded in various industries such as pharmaceutical and perfumery industry. In addition, it is also used in syrups, sweets, beverages like Coca-Cola and baked goods.
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